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PIPSQC Minicourse at IHI 23rd Annual National Forum - a Great Success!

PIPSQC’s Minicourse (M23) “Making Health Care Safer for Children” at the IHI 23rd Annual National Forum was a Great Success! Thank you to all our Participants. Presentations from the Minicourse will soon be posted online in the Resource Center.
We are delighted to announce Dr. Peter Lachman as the new Chair of PIPSQC! Peter was a founding member of PIPSQC and has served as PIPSQC Faculty since its nascency in 2006. [...]

Launch of PIPSQC Website at IHI Forum in Orlando Dec 6 - a Great Success

The launch of the PIPSQC website at the IHI National Forum in Orlando on Dec 6 was a great success. Forty people attended the PIPSQC minicourse which ended with a walk through our site. Be a member of the PIPSQC community: Register now!! And stay tuned.... In April 2011 PIPSQC will make its official debut at the International Quality Forum in Amsterdam... Our goal: to work together to provide safe healthcare to all children, everywhere! [...]