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Performance of 7 different PEWS to predict critical care admission in febrile children presenting to the ED

PIPSQC is pleased to share the recent publication in BMJ Open, entitled “Performance of seven different paediatric early warning scores to predict critical care admission in febrile children presenting to the emergency department: a retrospective cohort study” – as well as the related twitter thread by @Damian_Roland, available at: 

In addition, PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the recent launch of the ESCALATION System at Perth Children’s Hospital. The ESCALATION Project will develop a best practice approach to the early recognition and response to clinical deterioration in the WA health paediatric setting: 
https://www.escalation.com.au/2021-project-news.html  [...] 


Consensus Framework for Classifying and Reviewing Cardiac Arrests Within the PICU

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Why do healthcare professionals fail to escalate as per the early warning system (EWS) protocol?