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Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative (pediRES-Q) - The Resuscitation QI Bundle

PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the work of the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative (pediRES-Q) and their Resuscitation QI Bundle.

Because of the high mortality of cardiac arrest, a number of the clinical teams at various hospitals have created and implemented a resuscitation quality improvement (QI) program based on evidence-based guidelines. The QI Bundle is comprised of 6 Components: [...]


Cause-specific child and adolescent mortality in the UK and EU15+ countries

Spotting the Sick Child - Helping health care professionals identify children with serious illness

PIPSQC is pleased to share the newly updated and relaunched interactive tool, Spotting the Sick Child, available at:

Spotting the Sick Child is an interactive tool commissioned by the Department of Health and Health Education England to support health professionals in the assessment of the acutely sick child. [...]

7 features of safety in maternity units

Developing and Optimising Observation and Monitoring Guidance for a Paediatric Early Warning System

Vital Sign-Based Model to Predict Clinical Deterioration in Hospitalized Children

Paediatric Early Warning Score for use in the emergency department