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Implementing a watcher program to improve timeliness of recognition of deterioration in hospitalized children

Continuous Prediction of Mortality in the PICU: A Recurrent Neural Network Model in a Single-Center Dataset

Safety Events in Children's Hospitals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Factors influencing the sustainability and spread of a safety quality improvement programme

Outcomes from wake up safe, the pediatric anesthesia quality improvement initiative

Paediatric Admission Guidance in the Emergency Department (PAGE) Score

Characterising the types of paediatric adverse events detected by the global trigger tool - CareTrack Kids

Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative (pediRES-Q) - The Resuscitation QI Bundle

PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the work of the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative (pediRES-Q) and their Resuscitation QI Bundle.

Because of the high mortality of cardiac arrest, a number of the clinical teams at various hospitals have created and implemented a resuscitation quality improvement (QI) program based on evidence-based guidelines. The QI Bundle is comprised of 6 Components: [...]