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Warning Signs for Early Sepsis in Pediatric Flu

PIPSQC would like to highlight the recent tribute article posted on the Sepsis Alliance Faces of Sepsis page in memory of Trevor Ron Lin.

Trevor's father, Dr. Henry Lin, has worked with PIPSQC to help clarify that Pediatric Early Warning Signs (PEWS) may have prevented Trevor from dying. As mentioned in the article, "the elevated heart rate inappropriate for his age as well as his rapid breathing should have prompted laboratory and radiologic tests to evaluate for sepsis. These tests may have assisted the providers in seeing if Trevor meet the criteria for sepsis, prompting an admission to the Intensive Care Unit rather than being sent home." Furthermore, the warning signs for early sepsis in pediatric flu are indicated in the following document: http://www.juliahallisy.com/engagedpatients/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/10/Pediatric_Flu_Warning_Signs.pdf

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