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eObservations in Paediatrics - where is the evidence? (Webinar | October 4, 2019)

PIPSQC is pleased to share the upcoming webinar event, "eObservations in Paediatrics - where is the evidence?" set to take place October 4, 2019 from 12:30-13:30 (London, GMT+01:00).


The use of electronic observations for adults was pioneered in the UK and is now well established and evidence based. It led to the development of an adult National Early Warning Score and subsequently the introduction of NEWS2.

Missed or late recognition of clinical deterioration in children remains a problem in the NHS and the use of eObservations in Paediatrics is in its infancy. As yet there is no robust research in this area.

Alder Hey is analysing thousands of vital signs observations using System C's CareFlow Vitals as part of a research study to evaluate whether active monitoring using digital technology incorporating an age-specific paediatric early warning scores (PEWS) and sepsis screening, can help staff identify and respond to early signs of deterioration in children.

The study will also examine the escalation process and the use of CareFlow Connect to enhance clinical team situation awareness through alerting, task management and tagging.

The DETECT (Dynamic Electronic Tracking and Escalation to reduce Critical care Transfer) study research team hope to:

- Identify the best cut-off values for a standardised age specific PEWS
- Show that real-time data entry at the patient bedside supports nurses to identify deteriorating children at the earliest opportunity
- Provide evidence that real-time alerting for deteriorating children allows clinicians to intervene to prevent the progression of deterioration to become critical
- Demonstrate that the reporting of ward, team or organisational safety profile can drive clinical practice to become more proactive instead of reactive
- Provide evidence of the clinical effectiveness of this technology to improve outcomes for children in hospital

This webinar will provide the opportunity to find out more about the research project at Alder Hey and the challenges and opportunities that the use of eObservations in Paediatrics present.


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