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WHO - A compendium of tools and resources for improving the quality of health services

PIPSQC is pleased to share the recent publication by the WHO, entitled "Improving the quality of health services: tools and resources."

The full publication is available for download at:


This compendium collates current tools and resources on quality improvement developed by the WHO Service Delivery and Safety Department and provides examples of how the tools and resources have been applied in country settings.

Who is the compendium for?
- Ministries of health, quality improvement teams, researchers and development agencies.
- WHO technical programmes, regional and country offices in their technical cooperation work with country counterparts and donors.
- Those working to improve the quality of health service delivery.

Why is this compendium needed?
- The compendium has been developed to collate existing resources that facilitate quality improvement in service delivery.
- As a technical resource for countries in support of quality improvement efforts within health service delivery.
- Highlight adaptable tools and resources that can support local quality improvement efforts.

How the compendium can be used?
- As a reference list of helpful tools and resources aimed at improving the quality of health services.
- As an overview of available tools and resources for quality improvement that have been developed by WHO.
- As a starting point for further technical collaboration with partners and WHO expertise in these respective subject areas.
- The current compendium is not an exhaustive list of QI interventions. It should be used in conjunction with other existing evidence-based guidance. The compendium is grouped into two sections: the first part of the compendium provides an overview of finalized tools and resources. The second part of the compendium collates tools and resources currently under development. Where applicable, case studies have been provided.


- Delivering quality health services - A global imperative for universal health coverage
- Handbook for national quality policy and strategy
- Patient safety
- Quality in universal health coverage
- WHO Framework on integrated people-centred health services


To access additional resources developed by the WHO Service Delivery and Safety Department, please visit: