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What is new in paediatric medication safety?

PIPSQC is pleased to share the new publication in Archives of Disease in Childhood entitled "What is new in paediatric medication safety?" This review highlights efforts to reduce risks of medication mistakes in this patient population and safety improvement strategies such as smart pumps, barcoding systems, and workflow management systems.

The abstract is available online at:


Medication-related errors are among the most common medical errors, and studies have shown that the paediatric population is particularly vulnerable. Errors can occur during any step in the medication process. This review article seeks to highlight new advancements in the field of paediatric medication safety at each stage of the medication process, from ordering and transcribing to medication dispensing and administration. We will focus on interventions that are increasingly widely used, such as computerised provider order entry with clinical decision support, barcoding technologies and safe medication administration through technologies pumps (SMART pumps), as well as innovative mobile application devices and workflow management systems that are being piloted at single institutions. By highlighting what is new in paediatric medication safety, as well as the gaps that remain, we hope to continue to foster focus on this critically important area in order to create the safest possible environment for children.