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Risky Business Toronto 2018 (November 5-6, 2018)

PIPSQC is pleased to share that Risky Business Toronto 2018 is set to take place November 5th and 6th at Sheraton Centre in Toronto, ON.


Risky Business conferences first started in London UK in 2006 with the premise of learning from high risk industries to improve patient care and safety. Over the past 12 years, important themes around leadership and culture, teams and systems, communication, preparation and training, debriefing and reconciliation have been explored. High fidelity videos of many of the speakers from previous conferences are available on www.risky-business.com. The fundamental aim is to share ideas and to inspire change.

Over the years it has become clear that while there have been many changes to reduce patient harm, mistakes still occur and risks in healthcare don’t go away. Rather they evolve and new risks arise for a variety of reasons, some of which may be related to cycles of education and training, others to changes in practices and systems and importantly, to changes in technology. We continue to practice with degrees of uncertainty and the theme of this conference is to embrace uncertainty so that we can understand new risks and in particular the interaction between humans and technology.

Themes to be explored at this conference include sessions on artificial intelligence, the ethics and legal implications of risk, parents reflecting on risk, decision making and preparing for the unexpected. We will hear from experts in other industries, particularly related to mountaineering and rescue, military, nuclear industry and motorsports.


Opening Plenary
- Dr. Nicholas Pearce - Inspired Leadership

What's Artificial about Intelligence?
- Dr. Anthony Chang - Assisted, Augmented, Automated Intelligence
- Dr. Hector Wong - Personalized & Precise Medicine
- Dr. Leo Anthony Celi - Information Overload Vs. Interpretation Overload
- Domenic Crolla - Robodoc, A Second Opinion or Something Altogether Different

Ethics of Risk
- Dr. Jeff Burns - Disclosure of Risk
- Dr. Randi Zlotnik Shaul - Uncertainty & Accountability
- Jaime Watt - Controlling the Message

Law and Risk: Fight Club
- Dr. Walid Farhat - Fight Club: Balancing Risks for Care with Risk for Liability
- Patrick Garon-Sayegh - Who is the "Expert"?
- Professor Joan Gilmour - Tort Reform and Professional Regulation

Getting to the Bottom of Things
- Dr. Maitreya (Trey) Coffey - Recurring Risk
- Dr. Tanya Hewitt - Reacting When Things Go Wrongly Matters
- Dr. William deCampli - The 50-Light Year View

Decision Making
- Dr. Patricia Trbovich - Adapting to Uncertainty
- Dr. Andrew Argent - Evaluating Risk in Different Settings
- Dr. Teodor Grantcharov - The Operating Room Black Box
- Professor Ross Baker - Reframing Safety

Risk with a View
- Dr. Simon Parsons - Overview, Mountaineering and Rescue
- Will Gadd - Calculating Risk and Uncertainty
- Grant Statham - Alpine Risk and Rescue

Pushing Boundaries: Parents and Patients Reflect on Risk
- Professor Cheryl Misak - Shared Decision Making
- Jessica Lindberg - Pushing Boundaries: Sifting Through the Information
- Zachary Archambault - Pushing Boundaries: Negotiation and Lines of Communication
- Andre La Rosa - Understanding Risk

How and Why Things Can Go Wrong... and Well
- Jackie Hubbert - Precious Cargo
- Dr. Jon Woods - Precision Evacuation
- Dr. Adam Campbell - Forensic Engineering

Preparing for the Unexpected
- Dr. Adelle Atkinson - New Generations (XYZ)
- Dr. Shelly Dev - New Training: IQ Vs. EQ
- Dr. Clyde Matava - New Ways to Learn: Augmented Reality
- Dr. James Drake - New Tools

Closing Plenary
- Professor Jacob (Kobi) Peleg - Decision Making in Stress and Uncertain Situations


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