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Third Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety - Presentations and Proceedings

PIPSQC is pleased to share that the meeting materials from the Third Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety in Tokyo (April 13-14, 2018) have been published online.

Summit presentations and proceedings are available for download at:


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has hosted the Third Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety on 13th April (Friday) and 14th April (Saturday) 2018, at Grand Hyatt, Tokyo.

UK and Germany hosted successfully 1st and 2nd Patient Safety Global Ministerial Summit respectively for the purpose to inform the world leaders about the importance of patient safety. This year, Japan hosted the third Summit as the first host in Asia. There were approximately 500 participants from 44 national delegations (including 18 Ministers), International organizations, Chairs and Speakers and other representatives.

MHLW announced Tokyo Declaration to welcome the vision and leadership of countries in building political sponsorship and momentum at the highest levels of government to address patient safety challenges globally as well as locally. The declaration reaffirms the commitment to improving patient safety in order to reduce all avoidable harm and the risk of harm to all patients and people during their interaction with health care systems, whoever they are, wherever they live, by 2030.


- Tokyo Declaration
- Political Core Messages
- Abstracts (Day 1 Expert Summit)
- Participants of Today (Day 2 Ministerial Summit)
- Patient Safety Policies - Experiences, Effects and Priorities; Lessons from OECD Member States
- KAIZEN Showcase of Engineering Patient Safety and Quality Culture
- OECD Health Policy Brief: Measuring Patient Safety - Opening the Black Box
- OECD-Study; The Economics of Patient Safety in Primary and Ambulatory Care - Flying Blind
- Program


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