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Child Health PSO - 2017 Annual Report: Perfecting Detection: Understanding the Source of Harm

PIPSQC is pleased to share that the Child Health Patient Safety Organization (Child Health PSO) has published their 2017 Annual Report, entitled "Perfecting Detection: Understanding the Source of Harm."

As outlined on AHRQ PSNet, "this annual publication provides common cause analyses of incidents submitted to a pediatric patient safety organization and highlights the successful outcomes of the collaborative's activities, such as safe table meetings and a policy revision to guide retained surgical item reduction efforts."


Child Health PSO enables children's hospitals to share safety event information and experiences to accelerate the elimination of preventable harm. Child Health PSO is the only federally registered PSO dedicated to children's hospitals by the AHRQ under the 2008 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act Final Rule to provide federal privilege protections for confidential event reporting. Participants can improve the safety and quality of child health care delivery within a secure environment. Clinicians and health care organizations collect, aggregate and analyze data enabling the identification and reduction of risks and hazards associated with patient care. Thought leadership, learning collaboratives and resources are maximized with participating hospitals along with two premier organizations - Children's Hospitals' Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) and NextPlane Solutions, LLC.


Child Health PSO releases Patient Safety Action Alerts to provide immediate notification of patient safety concerns. These alerts are approved for general distribution to improve pediatric safety and reduce patient harm. They are shared publicly to stimulate learning and ongoing collaboration that addresses serious, preventable and multi-center pediatric patient safety concerns.


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