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ONECPD - Paediatric Safety Conference 2017: Raising standards of care (December 1, 2017)

PIPSQC is pleased to share that ONECPD will be hosting the upcoming one-day event, "Paediatric Safety Conference 2017: Raising standards of care," set to take place December 1st, 2017 in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.


As well has having a devastating impact on patients and their families, mistakes in early years care have the potential to cost the NHS billions of pounds in the long term. While new technologies and techniques can help reduce the risk of harm, improvements cannot be made without an organisation-wide commitment to the highest safety standards. As well as avoiding harm, a key part of patient safety is knowing what do when something does go wrong. Communications is vital both with parents and colleagues in order to learn from mistakes and prevent them from being repeated. While much of the focus in the debate on patient safety has centred around the treatment of physical health problems, the NHS must also ensure that children and young people receiving mental health treatment are fully protected.


Topics covered on the day will include:

- What more can the NHS do to protect young patients from harm?
- How are the latest technological innovations improving paediatric safety across the NHS?
- Can new technology influence self-management and behavioural change among patients?
- What role does human error play and how can it be managed?
- What are the early warning signs of patient deterioration and how can they be spotted?
- Could better information sharing improve patient safety?
- What steps are being taken to improve outcomes for children in Greater Manchester?
- How should medical professionals deal with patient harm?
- How can NHS organisations build a culture of safety?


To register, view the Agenda, or for more information, please visit: