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CAPHC Webinar: Saying Yes to the Less: Making it easier to Choose Wisely (November 29, 2017)

PIPSQC is pleased to announce the upcoming CAPHC Webinar, "Saying Yes to the Less: Making it easier to Choose Wisely" is set to take place November 29, 2017 (11:00am EST).


It has been estimated that, in North America, upwards of 30% of the tests and therapies prescribed are unnecessary, add no value, and may even cause harm to patients. The Choosing Wisely concept provides an opportunity for patients and providers to engage in discussions regarding these unnecessary tests to enable the delivery of high-quality, value-added care. The Choosing Wisely movement in Canada has mainly focused on adults. As such, the goal of the Choosing Wisely initiative at SickKids was to develop and implement recommendations that are specific to paediatric hospital patients and resonate with paediatric health-care providers. Published in early 2016, our Top 5 list (a format made popular by Canadian and US Choosing Wisely initiatives) features five recommendations which have been implemented using various educational and quality improvement strategies across the Hospital. After over 18 months of implementation, the team continues to promote, monitor, and evaluate the recommendations. Furthermore, this internal engagement and momentum has led to the development of a second SickKids Choosing Wisely list which will be published this winter.

The conception and implementation of Choosing Wisely at SickKids has provided an opportunity for meaningful discussion, engagement, and quality improvement in multiple areas in the Hospital. Outside of SickKids, our recommendations have been disseminated nationally and internationally through multiple channels including presentations and publications. Furthermore, in addition to being featured by CAPHC, our recommendations have been shared through the CPS, PAS and Choosing Wisely Canada to help educate the greater paediatric provider population. Our methodologies for implementation have also been shared with other paediatric institutions to aid in the conceptualization and implementation of recommendations of their own.

By the end of the webinar attendees will:

1. Understand the rationale for needing to address the issue of unnecessary testing and treatment of children

2. Become familiar with various current Choosing Wisely paediatric recommendations

3. Learn strategies to adapt these recommendations for your own specific populations (or create new ones), and tips to enable successful implementation based on real life examples


- Jeremy Friedman, MB.ChB, FRCPC, FAAP [@DrJFriedman]


To register free for this webinar, please visit:


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