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The Coalition of Centres in Global Child Health - Resources

PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the work and resources of The Coalition of Centres in Global Child Health (The Coalition) - a global network of expert individuals, academic centres, and institutions collaborating to inform and advance global child health.


The Coalition has curated a library of resources that cover 9 topics in the area of global child health:

- Adolescents
- Child
- Conflict & Child Health
- Diseases
- Guidelines
- Maternal & Newborn
- Metrics & Epidemiology
- Nutrition
Social Determinants of Global Child Health


The Coalition is a global network of expert individuals and academic centres and institutions that have explicitly expressed commitment to a collectively-developed set of principles and plans of advancing global child health. Members of The Coalition will have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with their peers from around the world via symposia, workshops, and other forums organized by the Secretariat.

The Coalition will collectively identify areas for concerted advocacy to implement evidence-based strategies for improved child health, survival and development, and will identify critical knowledge gaps and opportunities for research. By curating an online, open-access library of resources, The Coalition aims to educate and advocate at institutional, regional, national and international levels for work that will have the greatest long-term, measurable impact on global child health.


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