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VPS - Improving Critical Care Quality and Outcomes for All Children

PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the work and latest achievements of Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC ("VPS") - a collaborative that supports an international community of pediatric critical care colleagues who are dedicated to standardized data sharing for improved patient care, research and benchmarking among pediatric ICUs.


VPS PICU - Pediatric ICUs:
- Over 1 Million Cases
- Over 135 Hospitals Participating
- Validated Severity of Illness Scores (PIM2, PRISM3, PICSIM, and STS-EACTS)
- Specialty Modules: Neurocritical Care (NCC); Functional Status Score (FSS)

VPS Cardiac - Cardiac ICUs:
- Over 130,000 Cardiac Cases
- Over 57 Hospitals Participating
- Validated Severity of Illness Scores (PICSIM, and STS-EACTS)

VPS NICU - Neonatal ICUs:
- Brand new custom registry
- State-of-the-art ecosystem and data analytics platform for neonatal intensive care registries


VPS has grown from a small group of intensivists to a national organization with over 135 hospital units (in the United States and internationally) and over 1 million patient admission records (of which over 130,000 are Cardiac specific). The data base is the largest collaborative for quality improvement based on severity of illness adjusted comparisons of actual, detailed patient records in critical care.

This unique achievement allows VPS to provide state of the art quality reports that are detailed, actionable and comprehensive for practitioners and hospital administrations. VPS has improved the quality of critical care, built the largest national research collaborative, supported the publication of over 125 papers and contributed to saving hundreds of thousands of children's lives.

In the future, VPS is ideally situated to expand from providing quality assessments to providing decision support, detailed outcomes tracking, discovery and prediction of adverse events and truly effective comparative effectiveness research on hundreds of thousands of critically ill children. This will be achieved on top of VPS's already successful and vibrant critical care network by adding automated data collection and sophisticated data analysis being pioneered by researchers developing an advanced computational framework for decision support in critically ill children.


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