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Risky Business Paediatrics Day 2017 - Video Presentations

PIPSQC is pleased to share that the presentations from this year's Risky Business Paediatrics Day (May 10, 2017) in London were recorded and are now available to be viewed online at:


- Ada van der Bos - Assessing technical and non-technical team performance

- Craig Wilson - F1 Teams Perspective - Engineering for success

- David Cooper - One unit two unit red patient blue patient - Managing ICU patients when census is high but flow and expertise is limited

- Discussion Q&A

- Guoying Huang - Hospital Safety Management under International Standard

- Harris Baden - Burnout and effect on safety

- Heather Duncan - Racing to improve early warning (McLaren F1)

- Jeff Mainland - Data Analytics: Healthcare's New Stethoscope?

- Jeffrey Burns - Scaling best practices in high risk industries - The case of OPENPediatrics

- Jeffrey Simmons - Managing flow and safety across siloes via hospital wide situation awareness and microsystem stress mitigation

- Laura Schleelein - Now events in the perioperative complex - 7 years of learning

- Sanjay Malaviya - Leveraging technology to gather feedback directly from children

- Discussion Q&A

- Phil Wilson - The hospital operations centre: Manage the hospital, streamline flow and capacity, safely staff the wards and cut costs

- Peter Laussen & Peter Waters - NASCARS, Simulation and Animation

- Peter Kim - New product innovation, development and introduction into clinical practice

- Patricia Paskins - Adapting royal butler household services to healthcare

- Opening Address

- Neil Spenceley - Playing nicely in the sandbox, or not

- Neena Modi - The childhood refugee crisis

- Mignon McCulloch - Dangers of risky adolescent behavior - Transitioning paediatric patients to adult services

- Tex Kissoon - The elusive bar

- Terence Montague - The Second Victim

- Steve Kerr - The power of habit with basics - hand hygiene, prescribing

- Sarah Newcombe - Using technology to improve responsiveness to deteriorating patients

- Sara Hanna - Let's stop fighting over the children-conflict resolution project for a Children's Hospital


To access the full Risky Business "Paediatrics" video library, please visit: