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Launch of the PIPSQC Ambassadors

PIPSQC is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative called the PIPSQC Ambassadors led by Dale Ann Micalizzi.

The Ambassadors are a team of paediatric parents committed to partnering with providers and hospitals to save children's lives. Their core focus is on paediatrics, patient safety and working collaboratively with clinicians.

All are encouraged to visit the PIPSQC Ambassadors team page and invite them to assist your facility.

In addition, we are pleased to present the latest issues of the PIPSQC Blog, authored by our very own PIPSQC Ambassadors:

·         "Bridging People and Places in Pediatrics" by Dale Ann Micalizzi

·         "Apology and Disclosure: A Father’s Perspective - Opportunity" by James Padilla, JD