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PIPSQC Ambassadors

Originally posted on Justin's HOPE Healthcare Blog:

PIPSQC Ambassadors

Teaching: Has your organization ever considered that parents whose children have experienced preventable medical harm and/or death would be interested in helping healthcare do better?  Here’s a compassionate group of parents and providers that are ready to do just that.

PIPSQC Ambassador Team is devoted to working together authentically to improve pediatric healthcare through collaboration, trust and partnerships. I’m honored to be on faculty for the Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community and lead this important endeavor.

Our hope is to select parent experts who have shown courageous valor following medical harm to their children and then have continued on to improve care for other children and families. Their knowledge is powerful and unique. Their passion is palpable! You will learn how and why to make improvements that matter to families.

Connecting these accomplished parents with Children’s Hospitals, medical schools, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other organizations who possess a similar driven passion for pediatric quality improvements is our goal.

Saving children and families from harm is our mission.

Please register on PIPSQC and join us! If healthcare leaders would like to connect with any of the designated Ambassadors, please contact them directly. We would love for you to share your stories of success with us on the  PIPSQC website as a blog post.   Stay tuned for more collaboration. We will be adding more Ambassadors as we progress.

PIPSQC Ambassadors


Barb Farlow

Email: b_farlow@hotmail.com

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Pediatric Ethics, Patient-Centered Care, Patient Engagement to reduce risk of harm.

United Kingdom

Dr. Hannah Zhu


Email: hannah.h.zhu@gmail.com

Website: Global Tracheostomy Collaborative

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Tracheostomy Safety, Handovers, QI Recruitment and Education.

United States of America

Lenore Alexander


Email: Lenoreforleah@gmail.com

Website: Leah’s Legacy

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Continuous Post-op Electronic Monitoring and Education - bringing different parties interested in patient safety to the same table.

Johannah Back, PIPSQC Ambassador Assistant Lead

Email: BackJohannah@yahoo.com

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Tubing Misconnections, MRSA, and their prevention.

Tanya Lord

Email: tanyalord@comcast.net

Website: The Grief Toolbox

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Patient Engagement, Improving Patient Communication, Grief Support.

Dale Ann Micalizzi, PIPSQC Ambassador Lead

Pediatric Patient Safety Advocate and Consultant

Founder/Director Justin’s HOPE at The Task Force for Global Health


Email: MicalizziDAG@aol.com

Twitter: @JustinHOPE 

Websites: Justin’s HOPE Project at The Task Force for Global Health and Justin’s HOPE Healthcare Blog

Julie Ginn Moretz

Email: jmoretz@uams.edu

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Family Presence, Patient-and-Family-Centered Care, Engagement

James Padilla, JD, PIPSQC Ambassador Assistant Lead

Email: jpadilla43@live.com

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Root Cause Analysis, Patient and Family Involvement, Sedation/Anesthesia

Kim Lynette Sandstrom

Email: kimlynette@aol.com

Websites: SpeakerLink and AlexanderSpeakersBureau.com

Specific Area(s) of Interest: Patient Safety, Patient Empowerment, Patient Advocacy, Grief work following medical error and less invasive healthcare