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Care of Children in General Hospitals (Webinar | 24 June 2014) & New Survey Initiative

PIPSQC is pleased to announce, on behalf of PIPSQC Ambassador Lead, Dale Ann Micalizzi and Dr. Hannah Zhu, a Survey Initiative to Improve Paediatric Patient Safety Internationally.

Creating a safety net for families when a new diagnosis or traumatic event occurs is healing and necessary. Please visit Justin's HOPE Healthcare Blog at this link to complete one of the short surveys and help improve the care delivered to paediatric patients and families around the world.

Dale is also a CMS Partnership for Patients workgroup member, "Care of Children in General Hospitals". The Pacing Event Webinar, with telling survey results about pediatric care in General Hospitals, will take place today, 06-24-2014 from 3:00-4:15 EST. The webinar will be recorded and made available online as a webcast soon.

To register for today's webinar, please visit:

06-24-2014 Pacing Event: Care of Children in General Hospitals

To access webinar materials, please visit:
2014-06-24 Pacing Event - Pediatric Affinity Group Event