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RCPCH Conference - Quality Improvement Sessions (May 24-26, 2017)

Will you be attending this year's RCPCH Conference, taking place May 24-26, 2017 in Birmingham, UK?
RCPCH Conference is where paediatricians and child health professionals meet to share good practice, discuss the latest clinical issues and explore cutting-edge advances in paediatric research.
PIPSQC is pleased to highlight the following
Quality Improvement sessions taking place at the conference.


Wednesday 24 May:

8.00-8.45 (repeated 13.10-13.55) - QI - Learning from Experience

A reflection on the process of developing and implementing QI interventions on the example of a patient checklist project in Southampton. This session will be an opportunity to explore the basics of QI using a real life project, demonstrating the challenges involved in putting an intervention design into practice.

Dr Kate Pryde

11.45-13.00 - How can Quality Improvement improve Child Health?

The seminar will feature a selection of top QI abstracts submitted to this year's conference committee in the context of a wider discussion exploring the indispensable role of Quality Improvement in ensuring better healthcare outcomes for children.

Keynote Speaker:
Dr David Vaughan

Thursday 25 May:

8.00-8.45 (repeated 13.10-13.55) - Practical approaches to medication safety: innovative quality improvement ideas for reducing harm from medication error.

Did you know that medication errors are the most common reason for harm in paediatrics? Do you know how safe your own department is and how to monitor medication errors? Meds IQ (www.medsiq.org) is an initiative from the RCPCH that shares quality improvement approaches to reducing harm from medication error. In this highly interactive session we will share ideas that you can use to measure and improve medication safety in your service.

Dr Jane Runnacles
Dr Alice Roueche

11.45-13.00 - The role of networks and collaboratives in developing and spreading quality improvement initiatives

The seminar will discuss the importance of having strong networks in sustaining and disseminating QI outcomes, featuring an overview of the topic from Dr Dominique Allwood from the Health Foundation and examples of successful paediatric networks including Making it Safer Together (MiST), Meds IQ and the Situation Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E) collaborative.

Dr Dominique Allwood
Dr Ronny Cheung
Dr Peter Lachman
Dr Jane Runnacles
Dr Alice Roueche
Dr Peter-Marc Fortune

Friday 26 May:

11.45-13.30 - One PEWS for all? The pros and cons of adopting a standard practice improvement measure nationwide

The seminar will feature a panel of speakers, preceded by presentations, on the advantages and challenges of a national approach to PEWS. We will hear various perspectives on this topic based on studies and practical experience of having implemented national PEWS in Scotland and Wales.

Nicola Davey
Jayne Wheway
Dr Damian Roland
Dr Linda Clerihew
Dr John Fitzsimons


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