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The Risk Factors of Unplanned Extubation in Pediatric ICUs are Too High

Are children more susceptible to unplanned extubation? According to studies of various literature and research, yes.

Unplanned extubation - or UE as it's commonly referred - is the unplanned, uncontrolled removal of a patient's life-sustaining breathing tube. And it's been reported that more than 18% of neonatal ICU patients experience unplanned extubation - this is higher than the average among adult ICU patients. [...]


Children's Hospitals' Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) - Updated CLABSI Prevention Bundle

Exploring Vulnerability to Patient Safety Events along the Age Continuum

PIPSQC is pleased to share the recent publication in Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, entitled "Exploring Vulnerability to Patient Safety Events along the Age Continuum." This article analyzed 2017 data submitted to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority to document age-related patterns of patient harm in Pennsylvania hospitals. Of particular note, the highest total event rate per admission was found in the 5- to 14-year cohort (511.12 events per 1,000 admissions) with much lower rates in other cohorts. [...]

Fostering closer ties between ISQua and PIPSQC

The Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community (PIPSQC), an international community of professionals who share a passion for patient safety and quality in paediatrics and the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), a global organisation with the aim to inspire and drive improvement in the quality and safety of health care worldwide, have signed a collaboration agreement to foster closer ties between the two organisations. [...]