Lenore Alexander
Monitoring for Opioid-Induced Ventilatory Impairment (OIVI) Video
Areas of Interest: Continuous Post-op Electronic Monitoring and Education - bringing different parties interested in patient safety to the same table
Johannah Back, PIPSQC Ambassador Assistant Lead
Areas of Interest: Tubing Misconnections, MRSA, and their prevention
Susan Biggar
Health Issues Centre 
Areas of Interest: Patient- and Family-Centered Care, Partnerships in Health, Patient and Family Involvement in Quality and Safety, Quality Improvement, Patients and families as advisors and in governance roles, Cystic Fibrosis Care
Tom Dahlborg
Twitter: @tdahlborg 
Areas of Interest: Relationship Centered Care, Compassionate Care, Empathetic Care, Patient and Family Engagement, Parent Partnerships, Patient Partnerships, Patient Activation, Clinician Engagement and Activation, Patient Safety
Chris Espersen
Twitter: @ChrisEspersen
Areas of Interest: Rare Childhood Diseases, Thalassemia, Adverse Childhood Experiences
Dr. Julia Hallisy
Empowered Patient Coalition 
Empowered Patient Coalition - Publications
Areas of Interest: Patient Education, Patient Engagement, Medical Error Reduction, Health Care Communications, and Patient-Centered Care
Tanya Lord
The Grief Toolbox 
Noah’s Story: Are You Listening?
Areas of Interest: Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Patient Engagement, Improving Patient Communication, Grief Support
Dale Ann Micalizzi, PIPSQC Ambassador Lead
Pediatric Patient Safety Advocate and Consultant
Founder/Director Justin's HOPE at The Task Force for Global Health
Twitter: @JustinHOPE
Justin’s HOPE story on film. Changing tomorrow for all of us…
Justin's HOPE Project at The Task Force for Global Health 
Justin's HOPE Healthcare Blog
A Heart of Healing: When things go wrong in care - The family perspective
Areas of Interest: Pediatric Patient Safety, Compassionate Patient/Family Centered Care, Transparency in Medicine, Medical School Education
Julie Ginn Moretz
Areas of Interest:
Family Presence, Patient-and-Family-Centered Care, Engagement
James Padilla, JD, PIPSQC Ambassador Assistant Lead
Areas of Interest: Root Cause Analysis, Patient and Family Involvement, Sedation/Anesthesia
Dr. Tricia Pil
Babel: The Voices of a Medical Trauma  
Areas of Interest: Quality and Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, Patient Safety, Pediatrics, Transparency, Disclosure, and Patient Advocacy
Kim Lynette Sandstrom
Areas of Interest: Patient Safety, Patient Empowerment, Patient Advocacy, Grief work following medical error and less invasive healthcare
Dr. Hannah Zhu
Global Tracheostomy Collaborative
Areas of Interest: Tracheostomy Safety, Handovers, QI Recruitment and Education