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From Innovation to Dissemination: Meds IQ, a New Platform for Paediatric Medicines Safety QI

Author: Kasia Muszynska

Jonny is 6 years old and he is about to go to a hospital for a second time in his life. He may not remember the first time, as he was only a baby, but it left him with a powerful reminder that hospitals are not a safe place to be - due to the wrong dosage of a medication he was given, he had partly lost his hearing. [...]

To Fly (or not): Starting a Medication Safety Program

Author: Dr. Dennis E. Schellhase

Behind the times

As I sat down to write and began to review the increasing literature related to reducing harm due to adverse drug events (ADEs), I realized that we start several years behind. In the past decade, a growing number of programs have implemented successful safety initiatives to reduce pediatric ADEs based primarily upon W. Edward Deming’s method of improvement model1-4. We have just begun to step away from the hierarchical top down approach of innumerable policies and procedures and to slowly and gingerly move toward a frontline approach to improve quality and safety utilizing the method of improvement model. [...]