Partnering With Parents to Save Children’s Lives
4/15/2013 2:44 PM | Vieve Paisley, MD
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Partnering With Parents to Save Children’s Lives

Author: Dale Ann Micalizzi

I was recently reminded of a team building activity, usually for youth, referred to as the "Trust Fall." You’ve heard of it, I’m sure. It’s where you place your arms across your chest, close your eyes and free fall backwards into the interlocking arms of your friends or team. Some may be reluctant to be the one falling or the one expected to catch. But the goal of the exercise is to build harmonious team spirit and trust. You can depend on me and I can depend on you…no matter what. A sports team often feels this deep connection and bond. My hope is for hospitals and healthcare organizations to feel that partnership and trust with their staff, patients and their families. [...]