Welcome to the PIPSQC Blog

Author: Dr. Peter Lachman, PIPSQC Chair
Deputy Medical Director, Consultant in Service Redesign and Transformation,
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Dear PIPSQC Members and All Who Visit the Website,

We are launching our PIPSQC Blog on the website today. This is the first step in our next phase on the development of the international movement for paediatric patient safety. Initially the blog posts will be from invited centers, but we will in time also welcome posts from others who are involved in improving the safety of care of children in all health settings. We also intend to start a monthly best practice column from leaders in the field.

Over the past year, I have been fortunate to visit PIPSQC centers in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and Australia. In all the centers I have visited, it is clear that there is a burning desire to improve the safety and quality of healthcare. The problem is that we do not really know the solution and are still discovering ways to eliminate harm. From my perspective, it appears that we need to work together in this important endeavor. The approach suggested is to learn how to define and measure harm, to then raise our standards to find solutions. This will mean standardizing care where possible, applying learning from ourselves and from other industries, and testing new ideas. It is our duty to share best practice and the blog posts are intended to serve that purpose.

The first is from Arkansas and we hope that this will be the first of many as we advance the cause of patient safety. We welcome comments on the Blog – so please be as interactive as you can!