McMaster Children's Hospital - Pediatric Grand Rounds
June 7, 2018 
Risky Business 2017 - Paediatrics Day 
May 10, 2017
1st MiST Symposium 
February 24, 2017
Presentations and Outcomes
Risky Business 2014 - Paediatrics Day 
September 10, 2014
PSC & PIPSQC - Paediatrics Summit 2014
Partnership for Patients (PfP) Webinar - "Ensuring Pediatric Safety in General Hospitals"
January 7, 2014
Ensuring Pediatric Safety in General Hospitals
IHI 25th Annual National Forum - PIPSQC Minicourse "Protecting Children from Harm"
December 9, 2013
Setting Standards - A View from the UK (Dr. Peter Lachman)
Setting Standards - A View from Australia (Dr. Jonny Taitz)
Lessons Learned from Parents (Dale Ann Micalizzi)
Paediatric Patient Safety - PIPSQC (Dr. Peter Lachman)
Workshop: Acute and Ambulatory Paediatrics - What do we measure, why and how? (Minicourse Participants)
MiST (Making it Safer Together) - Paediatric Collaborative Safety Forum
October 29, 2013
MiST Paediatric Collaborative Safety Forum - Meeting Minutes
PSC & PIPSQC Paediatric Patient Safety Conference 2013
May 20, 2013
PIPSQC and Patient Safety (Dr. Peter Lachman) 
Transforming Shift Handovers (Dr. Phil Debenham) 
Systems Thinking and the Paediatric Provider (Dr. Matt Scanlon) 
Daily Continuous Improvement Programme to Provide Safer Care (Dr. Trey Coffey) 
Moving from Chaos to Reliability (Dr. Stephen Muething) 
Lessons from Medical Emergency Teams in Australia (Brad Ceely)
Responding to the Deteriorating Patient (Dr. Heather Duncan, Dr. Peter-Marc Fortune, Sue Chapman) 
Paediatric Intensive Care Safety Package (Dr. Jeff Martin) 
Developing Safety Programmes in Regional Hospitals (Dr. John Fitzsimons, Dr. Santanu Maity) 
Developing Safety Programmes at Scale (Dr. Andrew Longmate)
17th Annual International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare - PIPSQC Workshop
April 2012
Workshop: Paediatric Patient Safety Priorities (Workshop Participants)
16th Annual International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare - PIPSQC Session "Aiming for zero harm in paediatrics"
April 5-8, 2011
NICHQ 2009 8th Annual Forum for Improving Children's Healthcare
March 10, 2009
Moving to Zero Harm: Possibility or Myth? (Dr. Peter Lachman)
Design, Construction and Renovation: Realizing a Blueprint for Patient Safety (Dr. Anne Matlow, Polly Stevens)