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Risky Business 2014 - Paediatric Day 
September 10, 2014
Making it Safer Together Campaign of Benchmarking Across The UK - Dr. Peter-Marc Fortune 

PSC & PIPSQC - Paediatrics Summit 2014

May 20, 2014 
Delivering a Collaborative Approach to Paediatric Patient Safety - Dr. Peter Lachman
The Introduction of a Specialist Paediatric Vascular Access Team in an Acute Trust - Sara Melville
Developing a National Programme for Patient Safety - Dr. John Fitzsimons
Coaching, Caring and Career Building; How to Improve Care for Children - Dr. David Vaughan
Developing Measurement Systems to Decrease Harm - Dr. Peter-Marc Fortune
Workshop 1: Don’t be a Bug Rug: Involving Patients and Enabling Them to Influence Infection Control and Prevention - Gail Hewitt; Jo Keward 
Workshop 2: Challenging the Issues of Missed and Delayed Diagnosis - Dr. Rachel Agbeko; Dr. Jane Cassidy
Workshop 3: Families Reporting Safety Concerns -
Dr. Daljit Hothi; Andy Henderson

Partnership for Patients (PfP) Webinar - "Ensuring Pediatric Safety in General Hospitals"
January 7, 2014
Ensuring Pediatric Safety in General Hospitals

IHI 25th Annual National Forum - PIPSQC Minicourse (M23)
"Protecting Children from Harm"

December 9, 2013
Setting Standards - A View from the UK - Dr. Peter Lachman
Setting Standards - A View from Australia - Dr. Jonny Taitz
Lessons Learned from Parents - Dale Ann Micalizzi
Paediatric Patient Safety - PIPSQC - Dr. Peter Lachman
Workshop: Acute and Ambulatory Paediatrics - What do we measure, why and how? - Minicourse Participants

MiST (Making it Safer Together) - Paediatric Collaborative Safety Forum
October 29, 2013
MiST Paediatric Collaborative Safety Forum - Meeting Minutes

Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (C-QuIPS) - Invited Speaker Rounds
June 14, 2013
Team Behaviours and non-Technical Skills in a Paediatric Surgical Facility (See also: ACS NSQIP Pediatric) - Dr. Doug Cochrane

9th Annual SickKids Paediatric Patient Safety Symposium
June 13, 2013
The Just Culture: Walking the Talk - Paul LeSage
The Just Culture Approach - Case Review - Paul LeSage
What a Family Perspective Teaches About Adverse Events in the Pediatric Setting - Dr. Doug Cochrane
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Data: SCAMPs - Dr. James Lock 
Establishing a Pediatric Family-Initiated Safety Reporting Program - Denise Hudson 
Designing Bin Exchange for Patient Safety - Bridgeable Research and Design 
Preventing Wrong Dose Morphine Errors -Testing the iDoseCheck: A tool to enhance inter-professional communication and care planning (Winning Poster - Quality & Patient Safety) 
-Implementation of medication reconciliation in a pediatric ambulatory care setting (Winning Poster - Family Centered Care)

PSC & PIPSQC Paediatric Patient Safety Conference 2013

May 20, 2013
PIPSQC and Patient Safety - Dr. Peter Lachman 
Transforming Shift Handovers - Dr. Phil Debenham 
Systems Thinking and the Paediatric Provider - Dr. Matt Scanlon 
Daily Continuous Improvement Programme to Provide Safer Care -
Dr. Trey Coffey
Moving from Chaos to Reliability - Dr. Stephen Muething 
Lessons from Medical Emergency Teams in Australia - Brad Ceely
Responding to the Deteriorating Patient
Dr. Heather Duncan, Dr. Peter-Marc Fortune, Sue Chapman 
Paediatric Intensive Care Safety PackageDr. Jeff Martin
Developing Safety Programmes in Regional Hospitals - Dr. John Fitzsimons, Dr. Santanu Maity 
Developing Safety Programmes at Scale - Dr. Andrew Longmate

8th Annual SickKids Paediatric Patient Safety Symposium
June 25, 2012
Accelerating Change - Learning from each other to decrease healthcare-associated harm (Video) - Dr. Peter Lachman
Accelerating Change - Learning from each other to decrease healthcare-associated harm - Dr. Peter Lachman

17th Annual International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare - PIPSQC Workshop
April 2012
Workshop: Paediatric Patient Safety Priorities - Workshop Participants

IHI 23rd Annual National Forum - PIPSQC Minicourse (M23)
"Making Health Care Safer for Children"

December 5, 2011
New Paradigms in Paediatric Patient Safety - Dr. Peter Lachman 
Pediatricians Partnering with Patients and Families to Save Lives - Dale Ann Micalizzi
Understanding the Complexity of Introducing Patient Safety Initiatives for Children - Dr. Matt Scanlon
Making Healthcare Safer for Children (See also: Ohio Children's Hospitals' Solutions for Patient Safety) - Dr. Stephen Muething
Moving Closer to High Reliability: Partnering with Parents to Improve Patient Safety - Dr. Paul Sharek
Building on Parent's Concerns - Improving Safety and Decreasing Diagnostic Error - Dr. Anne Matlow
Fundamentally Changing the Paradigm - Developing Future Leaders in Quality and Safety - Dr. Jayant Deshpande

NICHQ 2010 Annual Forum for Improving Children’s Healthcare and Childhood Obesity Congress
"Developing a Safety Program: How to Move Your 'Dots'"

March 9, 2010
Dots are Hot - Dr. Peter Lachman
The Journey to Become a High Reliability Organization: The Cincinnati Children’s Experience - Dr. Stephen Muething
Are We Making a Difference in Hospital Mortality? The LPCH Experience - Dr. Paul Sharek
An Important “Dot” Understanding and Improving Medication Safety in Pediatrics - Dr. Paul Sharek
The Role of Trigger Tools in Detecting Adverse Events in Hospitalized Children: Filling in the Blanks - Dr. Anne Matlow

NICHQ 2009 8th Annual Forum for Improving Children’s Healthcare
March 10, 2009
Design, Construction and Renovation: Realizing a Blueprint for Patient Safety - Dr. Anne Matlow, Polly Stevens